Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soulmate Secret: Fundamentals of Being in Love

By: Lorii Abela

Perhaps at some point in your life you ponder upon the meaning of love. You might wonder why for some people it seems fairly easy to find love while for others the chance of finding a soulmateis quite nil. Are there some bases to follow like the so-called fundamentals of being in love? Well, some may say you are just lucky when you are successful at the thing called love. Although this is possible especially in fairytales, you definitely would like to review some keys on how to find your true love.

How to Find True Love?

Be in Love with Yourself
Yes, be in love with yourself! I am not saying that you turn into a narcissist person? Love actually starts from within and that means it should come from you first. Learn to appreciate yourself and accentuate the good points that you love about yourself. Do the things you love to do that are worthwhile and those that contribute to your self-improvement. In time these will reflect in the way you live your life and relate to others. You will be surprised it is then easier to find love with you bearing this kind of outlook.
Don’t Panic!
You think you are getting older and still single? You are absolutely not alone, so do not try to force love. Have you noticed that the more you force it the farther it slips away? It is because the law of attraction for love does not work this way. So do not be like the one who always thinks of ways or focuses on looking for a soulmate all the time. Mind you, when you are ready, naturally love will show up.
Love is not Always a Bed of Roses
It is quite impossible to never encounter any conflict in a relationship. This is actually part of it since the two of you are not exactly alike. You have different personalities, backgrounds, opinions, etc. So there is the possibility of getting hurt. To work things out both of you need to compromise. When problems arise cooperation is very important as well.
Define Your Expectations Clearly
The way you show your love to your partner may be very different from the way he expresses it. This is a fact that you should accept. Do not then expect to be loved the way you love since basically everyone has their own way of showing their love.
Happily Ever After
Not all love last for a lifetime. If you have to part, just acknowledge that your relationship in some period of time have clicked for a reason. Sure, you have done all the best that you could to keep that loving feeling and save your relationship. If it has to end, then it ends. Remind yourself then that true love lasts and if your relationship did not last as you had hoped for, then most probably it was not meant to be. You must have learned your lesson by now and continue to move on.
True love lasts so do not be discouraged since in time you will definitely find the one that’s written in the stars for you.

Enjoy the search and the goodluck! Use these tips to leverage on how to find the girl for you. You can get more information on how you can find love by visiting Be sure to take advantage of the 6 Day Free E-mail Mini-Course.
Lorii Abela is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and Finding True Love Coach for expatriates. She herself has manifested her match in 30 days through a process that she now teaches. Discover her secrets to finding true love by visiting  Lorii is available for coaching, speaking engagements and consultancy.

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