Friday, April 12, 2013

Attract Men by Being Mysterious

After a hard day’s work, you sit back and relax with a romance novel. You are just too tired to go out with friends on the weekends. You particularly do the same things everyday following your daily routine. You have noticed some of your friends are getting married or in several relationships, may be casual or long term. You can’t particularly do the same things for a long period of time or your life will be boring, so suddenly it occurs to you that you want some change and then you start telling yourself, “I want a boyfriend too.” Of course you can, but you have to definitely change the way you think and your lifestyle needs a bit of tweaking as well since you can never have a boyfriend by just relaxing with a romance novel after a hard day’s work. You need to go out on weekends and meet all those pleasant people you can meet. You might ask yourself how you will find a boyfriend. How to be attractive to men is not a difficult thing to do as long as you know some of the guideline to attract men. You can actually attract men by being mysterious.
How is it possible to attract men by being mysterious?
Most women think that attraction is totally based on attributes or physical appearance. Contrary to this, generally what most women do not know is that the ability to combine both the serious and the fun and doing it in a way that is unpredictable is what attracts a guy for the most part and makes him stay wanting for more. When you are unpredictably funny and sassy it is a plus point for attraction. When it is paired with something serious, it is a surefire complete attraction that creates some kind of mystery which will definitely make him stay with you. This simply makes you desirable and memorable since you keep him guessing what your next move is which practically signals that you are not boring to him. Also, if you can have a demeanor that is somewhat aloof which shows you can stand without him and you are not trying to impress him, this will give him the challenge to prove his worth to you.
How can you be mysterious to him?
  • Be unpredictable- do varied things. Have a bit of mystery and surprises since these will keep his interest.
  • Do not be available all the time. If you seem to be keeping tabs on him, he might think you are a stalker or pathetic. Give him the space he needs. When he makes a call, do not be there to answer right away just like you are waiting for him to call.
  • Have different plans occasionally. Occasionally, meet up with your girlfriends. Do not change your plans in his favor whenever he asks you out. Do not say “yes” right away all the time.
  • Do not tell him everything. Avoid telling him everything about yourself, particularly on the first date, or else there is no more left to find out about you.
  • Tackle on new topics when talking to each other. Avoid the mundane and usual topics such as his life, job, etc. that ordinarily what most people talk about. New topics are always good to keep the conversation interesting.

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