Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dating South Korean Women

If you are open to having a cross cultural relationship specifically with Asian expats, why not consider the thought of dating South Korean women the next time you get the chance to meet one. How to find the girl for you is not something that you should worry as long as you are open to the possibility of even meeting someone of another race. Some may be picky and would only prefer someone coming from their own race, but then if you think about it even relationships of the same race at times do not turn out well. So, this only shows that love is all that matters regardless of age, race, culture, etc.
How to Make South Korean Women Fall for You
Remember They Put High Priority on Beauty
They are beauty conscious and especially like to lighten up their skin which explains why skin care products are in demand and its part of their daily routine. They do this as they believe that beauty can land them better opportunities including jobs. So include window shopping for cosmetics and buy the best brand for them while you are together dating or you can ask them their favorite skin care brand and give them one as a present the next time.
They Want to Be Treated Like a Lady
Be a gentleman. This is not a big deal if you are already one since this would be easy, but then if not and if you really want to win the heart of a South Korean women then try as much as possible to show them that you respect them and be gentle with them and do not fake it because they will know it. Do not be rude. They also want to be held, treated out and they expect you to carry their purse when you are dating them.
They Regard Education Highly
It is a plus if you have finished a higher degree as they value so much the importance of it. Basically, lawyers and doctors are on top of the list. Commonly, people with this level of educational attainment land a lucrative job. That is why they prefer them more than those with any other degrees for the future of their family as well that is if you end up marrying each other. They are very conscious about the status of their future and believe marrying people of these degrees would assure them of a stable and comfortable life.
They Respect Their Elderly
To gain the affection of someone of this culture, you have to learn and be aware that they value the opinion of their parents. This means you have to show respect for their parents as well and make it your goal to win their approval since this is very important especially if you are of a different culture as they usually have the tendency to prefer someone of the same culture for their children as influenced by their conservative culture.

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