Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Ways to Make You Appealing on a Senior Date

Expert Author Betty L Nelson
Senior men are extremely visual and it is so easy to do a few things to look amazing that will knock his socks off! These are senior dating secrets and are proven to work to your advantage!

• A Bra Fitting... Have you ever had a professional bra fitting? This may come as a shock but mature women sometimes forget where the girls need to be! This alone can age us and we are not even aware of it. Clinton Kelly of "What Not to Wear" recommends a bra fitting at Victoria's Secret. It is free and wonderfully "uplifting"!! He claims we do ourselves a serious disservice by wearing an ill-fitting bra and especially one that doesn't keep the girls in their proper place. The midpoint of the breast should be halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. He claims it is amazing how many women are wearing the wrong size bra. And he says mature women should never wear a sweatshirt without a bra in public. The girls bouncing around near the waist is just wrong, he says!

• Flirty lingerie... It makes you feel alluring and reminds you of your power, beauty and sensuality. It changes your attitude and men can sense this right away! And the beauty of it is; it doesn't even have to show to do its magic. After your bra fitting you may want to come back and try several pieces of lingerie you haven't tried before! At the appropriate point in your relationship, you may have him help you pick out something he especially likes. And don't forget the fragrances he enjoys the most.

• Emphasize your eyes... Consider having a makeover done at a department store for free. They can suggest updated colors, techniques and how to blend your makeup with brushes to get a perfectly natural and flawless look. A quick and easy way is watch a video online to get the latest makeup tips to make you over with very little effort. Just a bit of soft eyeliner on the top lid opens up your eyes. Try to keep most of the liner on the outer half of your eyes. With a darker shade of eye shadow soften the edge of the liner and emphasize your outer eye crease and blend this out with a soft brush. Try a lash curler and crimp your eyelashes about three times starting at the tips and working down to right near the eye lid. Apply two coats of mascara making sure most of it applied at the base of the lash and less as you brush it out to the ends of the lash. Make sure there are no clumps at the ends of your lashes and the lashes are separated and look natural.

• Your mouth... He will immediately notice your mouth so make sure it is as appealing as possible. Use a lip liner and emphasize the little cupids bow at the top center of your lips. Try one of the new long-lasting liquid lipsticks. Without a lot of trouble your beautiful lip color will last through dinner and afterward. Always add a bit of lip gloss with a tiny bit of frost in it to moisten and make your lips alluring and kiss-able.

• Your teeth... This is one of your secret weapons! As we senior ladies age we are not aware how gradually our teeth have become gray and stained over the years. You may want to get your teeth professionally whitened or you can do this at home with a system you can buy at your drug store. In about a week your teeth will be noticeably whiter and brighter! And what a difference it will make in your smile! And men do love women who smile at them. He has his stress and worries during the day and he loves to see a women who is able to brighten his day and show him her beautiful smile... it lifts his spirits and it is very attractive to him. And lastly, make sure you show off that smile often... it will thrill his heart.

• Hair Trim and Style... Your local hair dresser can suggest a cut and style for the shape of your face to show off you off to your best advantage. This is the time to try a new look. It is amazing how a just a small change in a hair style can change your whole outlook and give you that carefree flair. It is not necessary but you may want to color your hair. You may want to try a softer shade of color so it won't show as much as it grows out. This will add some fun and excitement to your adventure!
• A beautiful manicure... This feels so good and makes you feel pampered. It also gives you confidence knowing your hands look appealing. Your hands will be out there on your first date and you want them to be at their best. A softer shade is nice and you may want to try acrylics as they extend the life of your manicure substantially. You can do dishes, etc. and not have to worry about your nails.
• Men love dresses... This is crucial... you must wear something you feel absolutely great in on your first date. This gives you energy and confidence like nothing else. For your first date, toss your jeans and slacks and wear a pretty, colorful dress. And please don't wear the little black dress. Black does not make us look smaller and it is a bit too somber for a first date. Men don't say this often but they love a woman to be feminine and what better way than by wearing a dress! Also, it's easier and quicker as you don't have to match anything and you can just toss it on and go! Be sure it fits you well with enough ease in the fabric so you never have to pull and tug at your clothes.

• Your shoes... It's no secret that men love heels on a senior date. By all means wear shoes that make your feet and legs look great. And needless to say never wear an old comfortable pair you wear at home to relax. A shoe with a heel is great, but if you can't do heels try a shorter heel in a style that flatters you....maybe something with straps, bows or something that is eye-catching or even sparkles. After he finds he never wants to live without you, the following is a secret tip for you. If you can't do high heels or stilettos, you may want to buy a sexy pair and leave them on the night stand for him to appreciate!!

Written by BettyLou Nelson

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Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Find Your Soulmate, Attract True Love and Win a Lifetime Commitment
By: Lorii Abela
People can get too dreamy when it comes to the idea of finding a soulmate, women especially.  They say not everyone gets to meet, much more, be together with their soulmates.  Attracting true love and winning a lifetime commitment can then only mean unequalled happiness.
This is why you have to prepare yourself. Have you examined yourself lately? To find your soulmate, you have to find yourself first. Know that there is no soulmate secret. All you have to do is be the best version of yourself. It sounds easy, but not really. It requires conscious effort.
Think of it this way.  You have your set of criteria when it comes to your ideal partner.  Most of those in your list are probably traits that you already possess.  Or perhaps you think you do but not really.  Your goal now is to be the person who meets your own criteria.  Think of these as values that you will later on share with your partner when you finally find him.  Notice how people say their soulmates are their perfect matches because they share the same interests, ideals and overall outlook in life. This is explained by the  The Law of Attraction for love . Who you are manifests who you will attract.
Next, if you want to be loved, love yourself.  Pamper yourself, do the things that you want, open yourself up to the world.  Do what you love and surround yourself with all things beautiful.  Maintain a positive and happy disposition.  If you keep on doing this and eventually find yourself asking again, “How do I find true love?” look no further.  You have found your answer.  With such vibrancy in your life, you are now ready to fully manifest.
Whether you are still young or single at 40, when you push yourself to have a full life, you realize that you can be on your own and the world is still a happy place.  The “idea” of love does not begin with another person.  It begins within you.  You discover who you are and you find that it creates true love for you.  Remember, though, be patient.  The process takes a while and you need to pour all your heart and soul into it.  All the best to you!

Enjoy the search and the goodluck! Use these tips to leverage on how to find love. You can get more information on how you can find love by visiting or  Grab your free ebook gift "Super Speed Dating Secrets" at http:///

Lorii Abela is a relationship and dating expert who practices the law of attraction in finding true love. She is a dating coach who specializes in expat dating and she is committed to helping countless individuals improve themselves with the end goal of finding their mate.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What women don’t know about Men, Part One:

A quote attributed to the great George Carlin states that “Men are all stupid and Women are all crazy. And the reason women are all crazy is because men are all stupid”
I’d like to add a few words to this sage verbiage: “And when the few men who are not stupid run into the women who the stupid men have turned crazy, those men in turn suddenly become stupid.” 

It’s a defense mechanism and we, as men have learned to use it effectively. 

Y’see ladies, men occasionally become overwhelmed with the mixed signals that society thrusts on them “be strong, be a man, be a leader, be tough, aggressive in business, provide for your family, fight the fight, be a protector, be successful” and other badges we must wear, while we also hear “be gentle, be kind, be attentive, warm, caring, affectionate, emotionally available, empathic, know what she wants before she asks, be a great father/son/brother/friend, be sensitive to her needs” and so many more. And yes, this does drive us crazy!

Speaking personally as a man raised mostly by women (mother, grandmother, aunts) I developed many of the latter qualities, and less of the former. It took me many years, many failures, and lots of time spent with strong, masculine men to “find my balls and my voice.”
You see I never needed to find my balls before because there was always a willing woman in my life to locate them for me. I was effeminized as are so many men in today’s society and needed to find my own answers. I can tell you that it was a very painful road but the benefits of becoming a man amongst men, a leader of men, and a “go to guy” has changed the type of woman I attract. 

You may not realize it ladies, but you are stronger than us. You are more outgoing than us. You have more drive, more “stick-toitiveness” and you may be smarter than us. We are, as men, and at the end of the day - all little boys searching for the little girl who just wants to come out and play nice with us. 

When we are sick we just want someone sweet to take care of us. Make me chicken soup (organic, of course) and I will develop a very soft place in my heart for you and brag about you endlessly to friends and family. 

When we are blue we need a soft shoulder to cry on (even when we say we don’t). We don’t always know what we need so we need you to be smart enough to feel, to read between the lines, and to be our Amazon when we fall. 

When we are tired from working ridiculous hours we just want a pretty face and a warm, gentle touch to rub our long-day out of our back and shoulders. 

When we come up with an idea we expect you to get excited about it and support us fully. If you didn’t know (and listen closely here) there is nothing that will crush a man’s spirit faster that lack of support from his woman, or worse, a woman who makes fun of his ideas, especially in front of others.
Allow us to make fools of ourselves (we do it so well) but allow us to fail and feel the pain of that failure knowing that we tried. And BE the woman who is there at the end, still supporting a man who stepped out of his comfort zone and had the balls to be something different and try something few thought would succeed. And when we do succeed and you are the woman who supported us though the crap, a good man will hold onto you for the rest of his life.

If he does not, then he was never a good man to begin with and you are well rid of him. 

Sometimes we need to “go to our cave” which is a place that you MUST NOT FOLLOW! Our cave is where we go to de-stress, wind down (possibly from the argument you just had with us after asking us to take out the garbage for the twelfth time today) and blow off the aggressive man-steam so that we can now have a human discussion with you without balling up our fists and scaring you to death. A smart man knows to walk away when he is angry and if you follow him, screaming, yelling, and egging him on to further rage, well, that’s why many jail cells are full. Do NOT do it ladies! 

I am aware that the last statement may upset some of you. Tough noogies. Ignore it and you could very well be the next victim of domestic violence. 

I have so much more to share on this subject, including how divorce can rip away a man's pride completely, but I'll touch on that in detail in part two. 

Frankly I could continue this blog for twenty more pages; however I would prefer to hear your questions and listen to your comments before continuing. I'd particularly like to hear what drives you crazy (no pun intended) about men in your life so that I can better address this wonderful subject! 

This could get interesting! 

David “Spike” Osterczy 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Expect...

We had a production meeting a few months back on a Sunday evening that went very much longer than expected.

I expected it to last about 90 minutes, get right down to business and then I could grab a nice dinner and relax with a good movie.

Yeah, expectations. They’re killers. About 5 minutes into the meeting one of my staff stopped me cold and stated “I don’t know most of the people at this table, and I can’t be my best until we all get related to one another.”

Of course he was correct. He expected that I would begin the meeting with introductions, which I did, but he also expected them to last much longer. About 2 hours later, after we were all cozy and comfy and related and relaxed, the meeting began and it was around a question.

The question was “what is the number one killer of relationships?” Everyone looked at one another for a while and then Alex, my event manager wrote a single word on a piece of paper, and the word was -


"I expect you to know what I want because you say that you love me."

"I expect dinner to be ready the minute I walk in the door."

"I expect you to know how to please me without me telling you how."

"I expect you to be cool with all of my friendships."

"I expect you to stop watching football all day Sundays after we’re married."

"I expect you to love me for my faults as well as my gifts."

"I expect you to pay all the bills on time."

"I expect to go on vacation 4 times per year, every year."

"I expect to live in a huge home with 3 cars and a pool and a garden and…"

"I expect, I expect, I expect…"

Expectations are killers of relationships when we do not communicate our feelings, wants, desires, and YES, expectations to one another!

"If you don’t tell me what you want, dear, I really can’t read your mind! I want to please you in every way, so could you kindly tell me what you like? I like vacations too, but could we actually make some money and get some savings first?"


Talk to your mate folks. It will save you a world of pain now and in the future!

And I expect that you’ll listen to me!!!

David "Spike" Osterczy

Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Steps to Creating More Magic in Your Love Life

Do you want to create more MAGIC in your  LOVE LIFE?  Are you mumbling to yourself...."What Love Life?"

Getting out of your comfort zone is EXCITING and SCARY.  But, it's honestly the ONLY way to get more out of your life.

What are you waiting for?  You can create anything you want in life.  I know this for a fact because I used to be a scared, depressed, divorced, broke single mom who had been married to an alcoholic abusive man.  I escaped all of that drama to create a dream life. No, it's not ALL perfect but it is dreamy.  I've healed from the past and made peace with my ex.  My daughter has even told me that she finally realized that I really did the right thing to leave her dad. This was big.   Was it easy? No. Was it worthwhile? YES.   Back then, I didn't even know what a healthy relationship looked or felt like.  I just knew that it wasn't what I had and no amount of therapy sessions was going to change that.

The first step to creating Magic in YOUR LOVE LIFE is accepting where you are right now.  Where ever you are at is JUST fine. Really.  Don't make yourself wrong or even right.  It is what it is and you can always improve. 

The second step is to use what Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, calls the RULE OF FIVE.  That is doing 5 different things per day or per week. I vote for 5 per day.  These new actions can be quite small but as the book: The Slight Edge advocates...success doesn't happen over night and neither does failure but every day that you take one positive action builds over time.  Which will it be for you? Actions that take you down a bad path or ones that take you closer to your goals and dreams?

Let me suggest some actions to take that can dramatically impact your LOVE LIFE for the positive.  Just by taking them on you will feel more in charge of your life.
1. Before you get out of bed in the morning.  Imagine a photo or a short video of you in love. What would it feel like? How would your day be different?  If you journal write this down. 

2. Forgive someone from your past.  Remember that guy/gal who did you wrong? Just mentally say to your self (Extra points for saying it out loud.)   Jack, I forgive you for not......

3. Smile at 3 more people than normal each day.  Just smile and nod.
4. Give 3 more compliments per day to the man or woman in your life. (If you are single, compliment a stranger.)
5. Ask your partner what would need to happen to make them happier in their life? then be a good listener.  If you are single: ASK YOURSELF and journal this. 

i realize that doing these kinds of things will take you out of your comfort zone but the truth is that you really aren't all that comfortable in that comfort zone either.  
I am here to support you if you need a nudge or even a shove.  I love to coach people who are ready to leave a life they don't like anymore in favor of a juicy new life.  The good news is that you don't have to do it all alone. 

Remember, that I used to be a depressed, scared, broke, single mom, so who better to support you than someone who has been there and done that and dramatically altered their own life.  For the record: I moved from Ohio to California.  I now live with an incredible view of the ocean with my sweetheart and my dog Romeo.  My daughter is grown and happy. My relationship books have been on best seller lists.  I love working with my clients and they love me.  And...I get to do more of what I love including writing and playing more harp music.   Check out my harp music and my Soulmate meditation set to harp music at

E-mail me if you think you might be ready to get out of your UN-comfort Zone and work with a coach to create more magic in your life.  No pressure or anything, but if you feel a certain calling inside of you for a better life and you think that you might be ready for an intuitive results oriented seasoned coach then you will take the next step.  If not, just continue reading my posts and watching my videos as much as you like.
    xoxo Susan Bradley