Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Steps to Creating More Magic in Your Love Life

Do you want to create more MAGIC in your  LOVE LIFE?  Are you mumbling to yourself...."What Love Life?"

Getting out of your comfort zone is EXCITING and SCARY.  But, it's honestly the ONLY way to get more out of your life.

What are you waiting for?  You can create anything you want in life.  I know this for a fact because I used to be a scared, depressed, divorced, broke single mom who had been married to an alcoholic abusive man.  I escaped all of that drama to create a dream life. No, it's not ALL perfect but it is dreamy.  I've healed from the past and made peace with my ex.  My daughter has even told me that she finally realized that I really did the right thing to leave her dad. This was big.   Was it easy? No. Was it worthwhile? YES.   Back then, I didn't even know what a healthy relationship looked or felt like.  I just knew that it wasn't what I had and no amount of therapy sessions was going to change that.

The first step to creating Magic in YOUR LOVE LIFE is accepting where you are right now.  Where ever you are at is JUST fine. Really.  Don't make yourself wrong or even right.  It is what it is and you can always improve. 

The second step is to use what Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, calls the RULE OF FIVE.  That is doing 5 different things per day or per week. I vote for 5 per day.  These new actions can be quite small but as the book: The Slight Edge advocates...success doesn't happen over night and neither does failure but every day that you take one positive action builds over time.  Which will it be for you? Actions that take you down a bad path or ones that take you closer to your goals and dreams?

Let me suggest some actions to take that can dramatically impact your LOVE LIFE for the positive.  Just by taking them on you will feel more in charge of your life.
1. Before you get out of bed in the morning.  Imagine a photo or a short video of you in love. What would it feel like? How would your day be different?  If you journal write this down. 

2. Forgive someone from your past.  Remember that guy/gal who did you wrong? Just mentally say to your self (Extra points for saying it out loud.)   Jack, I forgive you for not......

3. Smile at 3 more people than normal each day.  Just smile and nod.
4. Give 3 more compliments per day to the man or woman in your life. (If you are single, compliment a stranger.)
5. Ask your partner what would need to happen to make them happier in their life? then be a good listener.  If you are single: ASK YOURSELF and journal this. 

i realize that doing these kinds of things will take you out of your comfort zone but the truth is that you really aren't all that comfortable in that comfort zone either.  
I am here to support you if you need a nudge or even a shove.  I love to coach people who are ready to leave a life they don't like anymore in favor of a juicy new life.  The good news is that you don't have to do it all alone. 

Remember, that I used to be a depressed, scared, broke, single mom, so who better to support you than someone who has been there and done that and dramatically altered their own life.  For the record: I moved from Ohio to California.  I now live with an incredible view of the ocean with my sweetheart and my dog Romeo.  My daughter is grown and happy. My relationship books have been on best seller lists.  I love working with my clients and they love me.  And...I get to do more of what I love including writing and playing more harp music.   Check out my harp music and my Soulmate meditation set to harp music at

E-mail me if you think you might be ready to get out of your UN-comfort Zone and work with a coach to create more magic in your life.  No pressure or anything, but if you feel a certain calling inside of you for a better life and you think that you might be ready for an intuitive results oriented seasoned coach then you will take the next step.  If not, just continue reading my posts and watching my videos as much as you like.
    xoxo Susan Bradley

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