Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Allure of Public Speaking is as Intoxicating as Dating

Public Speaking is very much like Dating. You hold their attention with your credibility and your vibrant energy.

Without these basic elements, your Date (or your audience) loses interest. Stick with the same routine and you can be perceived as dull, jaded or boring.

The good news? You have these Tools, although sometimes you’re just too busy to notice that you have them in your possession, much less use them. 

1. LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF – Create a list addressing all the things you are NOT comfortable about yourself. Be brutally honest.The purpose of this exercise is to retrain your mind to accept anything and everything that you don’t like so you can start with a clean slate and instill a positive mental attitude in everything you do, think, feel and act.

2. LOOK OUTSIDE YOURSELF – Make a list of things you think people may not like about you. Allow yourself to accept how others see you from their perspective. Understand that perception is not reality.

3. CREATE NEW ROUTINES – Make a concerted effort to start to change the routines that drag you down. If you associate with people who criticize you, lose them fast. NOW.

4. STOP ACCEPTING SECOND BEST – Start making yourself the #1 priority. When you start looking, thinking and feeling good about yourself, your life experiences begin to shift and your confidence level shoots up.

5. IT’S OKAY TO BE SELECTIVE – Notice this shift in energy when you surround yourself with people who align with your intended Goals.

6. LIFE GOALS – Every successful public speaker has a Mentor. When you invest on a Coach and work together on setting your short and long-term life Goals, you learn how to be accountable not only to yourself but to someone you trust and respect. The purpose of dating is to create relationships with people you will be accountable to. Inevitably, you want to attract someone who shares this goal. Like attracts like.

A house needs a strong foundation to weather the inevitable brutal forces of nature. Use these Tools to rebuild your foundation for a successful personal and professional life.