Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soulmate Secret: Looking for a Soulmate

By: Lorii Abela

Have you been looking for a soulmate? Well, you are not alone since women are predisposed to this age- old idea that is quite associated with the question about how to find true love. However, time and again you have been wondering why is it that when you thought you had almost found your soulmate then it just slipped away. Perhaps you have been holding on to the past for quite some time after your breakup. Shy away from your ex since he belongs to the past that should be forgotten. Only then you will be able to move on and eventually finding a soulmate is not something that you should worry about anymore.
Shy Away from Your EX
Create Some Space
Being friends with your ex is not a problem as long as you know how to draw the line between being friends and being in love once. You do not want to be associated together as if you are still lovers since that would definitely defeat the purpose of your looking for a soulmate. The bottom line is you need to create some space to be able to close the doors of the past between you and your ex. How can your potential soulmate approach you if are still together with your ex? Besides your ex is not the only friend you can have around.
Create a Closure
There is nothing more liberating than putting the past behind between you and your ex and forgiving him. It is absolutely useless to relive the past when you have the future ahead of you to meet that new special someone with more confidence and applying the lessons you’ve learned from your past relationship that way you don’t make the same mistakes again. The freedom from emotional baggage that you get from forgiving your ex will permeate through you and exude a positive energy. Then before you know it, a new person shows up and more often than not when you least expect it!
Start with a Clean Slate
Moving on includes cleaning up your place of anything related to your past relationship. Get rid of those memorabilia anything from letters, pictures, stuffed toys, to presents including those cute gift wrappers with your favorite design, that is if you’re the sentimental type, if not a pack rat. You do not want to go back to those moments when you received those while enjoying a conversation with your new mate who has dropped by your place for dinner. You should prepare space for a new relationship so clean the energy surrounding you.
Ready Yourself for the New Love of Your Life
The common mistake most make after a breakup is to look for a new relationship right away to get over. But that is not how it should be since you are compromising your new relationship this way. Without completely moving on, chances are you would have the tendency to compare your past relationship with the new one which is not good or end up talking about it with your new partner which is absolutely a no-no.  Perhaps you have done too much thinking about your ex and you are definitely done with it. Move on, give yourself some time and open yourself up to a new love.

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