Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are You Ready To Date?

By: Lorii Abela

Are you ready to date? But before knowing whether you are or not, let’s first know what dating is all about. Dating generally refers to doing some activities together in public as a way of determining if the two of you are compatible which can gradually develop into a casual relationship or a long term relationship. Well, then it is very important to identify what you exactly want. Are you looking for a casual relationship or a long term relationship? Both kinds of relationships are quite different from each other and for you to be able to maximize your dating experience, you must be able to determine beforehand what you really want. That way your expectations are met and you get the feeling of joy out of dating in the sense that it can help you have a better relationship by making it work since you know what to expect from such kind of relationship. Let us now differentiate the two kinds of relationships.
What is a casual relationship and what to expect from it?
  • Usually a casual relationship has very few expectations.
  • It is common to those who just had a break up and who is not ready to get into something serious again.
  • It is convenient to those who cannot commit to a relationship that is serious for reasons related to work such as those working in shift hours or more than the regular hours.
  • It is for those who just prefer to experience some fun and something “laid back.”
  • It can mean meeting an ex-lover again but on a casual level. 
  • There is no “emotional ties” between the two of you.
  • It can also mean meeting another person since this is not exclusive to just one person.
  • It can mean not seeing of each other that much and just seeing as it suits you both.
What is a long term relationship and what to expect from it?
  • There are more expectations if not a lot to be met to make your relationship work and last.
  • A long term relationship is the kind of relationship which is serious.
  • There is a commitment involved between the two of you which is a very important factor in this kind of relationship.
  • Trust is an important factor in this kind of relationship to keep it working.
  • Love and care are the two emotions that bond both of you, so it is important for both to feel loved and cared for in this relationship.
  • There is a commitment involved so you need time for each other, to be there for each other when you need it both.
  • This is a serious kind of relationship and thus it is exclusive to just one person, so you cannot meet another person.

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