Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dating Online: Tips for Handling Overseas Contacts

By: Lorii Abela

When you’re dating online, tips on any subject can be of great value. That value is enhanced when the issue is overseas contacts. At some time or other, you may have been attracted to a profile of a person not living in your country. Here are some dating online tips to ensure that you always stay on top of the situation, and not allow someone to take advantage of your trust.

Those on “Temporary” Assignment to a Third-World Country
Steer clear of anyone who claims to be an American or Brit or from another European country, but says that they’re on “deputation” to a third-world country like Nigeria or Ghana. This is not to say that there aren’t genuine people from those countries wanting to make contact for the right reasons; but as a general rule stay away from anything that feels like a potential scam. Typical ‘scam symptoms’ are people offering you their phone numbers (most likely satellite numbers that are assigned to a particular community because they don’t have regular land telephony) a little too eagerly. They may be trying to gain your trust by “giving” you some personal information about themselves or telling you that their search to find a soulmate has finally ended – just to get yours in return.
Definitely stay away from these ‘template’ emails that try to endear you to the sender. Watch for letters written in capital letters and those with really bad grammar. These are typically sent to hundreds of people by scammers, and once you’ve taken the bait they’ll start to personalize their communication and get something out of you. Ideally, if you can verify the identity of an overseas contact, it solves a lot of problems for you down the road. Don’t be too inquisitive about their background, but make discreet inquiries of your own through man’s best friend – Google.
Those Asking for a Free Ride
Beware of people who are so eager to meet you that they are willing to ask you for financial help! An email asking you for “travel money” to get to your country so they can be “united” with their “soulmate” isn’t a good sign – especially if that’s one of the first few emails you receive from that person. The other aspect of this is not to make yourself out to be a Bridget Jones waiting for her knight in shining armor from a strange land to come and sweep her off her feet. If you’re looking to find a soulmate, then the Colin Firths and Hugh Grants of this world needn’t be from Timbuktu to be the real deal. Try not to sound like you’d do anything to expedite their travel to your country. And above all, never offer monetary help at any time. If you feel that you’ve come across the right person, give it some time to see if the relationship can amount to anything other than a wasted charge on your Visa.
Hopefully, these dating online tips will help you steer clear of the most obvious cons, but when you’re dealing with someone outside your own country, you can never be too careful.

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