Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Live Into Your Winning Story!

Are you deserving enough to attract love into your life? I mean, are you truly worthy?
Are you confident in whom you are, how you appear, and that you’ll know what to do if love does appear suddenly? 
What if you’re not good looking enough?
What if you don’t make enough money, live in a beautiful home, drive an expensive car, or have the education that your prospective lover seeks?
Well I’m here to tell you that none of that really matters. The Universe didn’t stamp you across the head at birth with “worthy” or “winner” just like it didn’t stamp you with “loser” or “unworthy.” It is all a story, the story that you tell yourself every day. But here’s the thing:
YOU decide what your self-worth is in your life.
YOU decide what your attitude and mood is going to be from minute to minute.
YOU decide whether you are worthy of love, or that raise, or a better place to live, and when YOU decide to LIVE INTO the life that you KNOW you deserve, that is when everything will begin to change for you.
If you say that you’re amazing, you are!
If you say that you’re worthy, you are!
If you say that you deserve to be in love with an amazing mate, you do deserve it, and that is the day when the Universe will begin to lay the groundwork for exactly what you seek, what you deeply want, and what you MANIFEST in your quiet, deep moments when you are alone, and thinking about what you desire the most.
But we don’t generally think this way, do we? In fact, if a mighty Redwood Tree were a mere human, it might only grow to eight feet tall because it would not believe that it could actually BE a Mighty Redwood, and thus grow to 300 feet tall and live thousands of years.
It’s funny how we call most animals “dumb” by comparison with humans, but salmon don’t worry about being worthy before swimming upstream to spawn just as squirrels don’t worry if they’re good looking enough to gather nuts to survive the cold, winter months.
So why do we?
And why do you?
Do you realize that no-one’s opinion about you matters but your own? And do you realize that you will never attract the love that you seek if you do not love yourself first? And you will never attract abundance, cooperation, and joy into your life if you do not believe that you can, and more so, that you do!
“Oh sure, it’s easy for you to say Spike, you’re this big published author with followers and friends and stuff.”
You don’t think I get lonely from time to time? Sure I do, but there’s an old saying that a very wise woman once shared with me “it’s okay to have a pity party sometimes, just don’t stay there too long.”
So yeah, it’s okay, but here’s a little secret that if you follow, and take action along with it, will guarantee you positive results in your life.
Every morning, or every evening, whenever you can MAKE some time, find a quiet place, relax, sit on the floor in a lotus (legs crossed comfortably) position and close your eyes. (I do this outdoors after my daily run. I do believe that it works better when closer to nature)
Envision yourself somewhere beautiful, with someone that adores you as you adore them. You are enjoying each other, taking great joy in each other’s company and love everything about your life.
Fantasize about what you’ll do together, where you’ll be doing it, what it will feel like; every taste, color, aroma, sound, touch, everything.
When you are complete, “ASK” the Universe in great detail for what you want.
Then “EXPECT” that the Universe will give this to you, very soon.
And finally “ACCEPT” that you already have everything that you are describing.
Use those 3 words to begin each sentence as you manifest your amazing life, and remember that the Universe will give you exactly what you think about the most.
Think about problems the most and you’ll attract more problems.
Think about abundance, love, and happiness the most and you’ll attract more of those.  
While doing this wonderful exercise, feel your enjoyment in participation and allow the joy to fill you up until you are ready to explode with all the abundance that you feel; all the abundance that you are attracting to you, moment by moment.
When you are so totally filled with the joy, love, and realization that you truly are attracting abundance to you, spread your arms wide and “give away” the abundance and love, share it with everyone that you know and feel the abundance as you share it with the Universe.
We get what we give folks. And when you get that you have everything that you’ll ever need to attract love and abundance, right now, that is the magic moment that it all begins to come towards you.
Try it for 30 days, and don’t skip a day. Get out of the house with friends and try actually talking to someone you’re attracted to. It does not matter what you say, just say something!  Be in action in your life and be in action with your manifestation, and when you combine the two, there is no power that can stop you from attracting your greatest desires.

David "Spike" Osterczy


  1. Add a dose of gratitude and you are all set.

  2. If you find meditation a bit of a challenge and you get restless...create a vision board. Cut out pictures of this perfect place and where you would be with your partner. Cut out the feelings, colors and whatever grabs you.