Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everyone has five different love blocks.
This is normal. No matter how transformed, educated, or balanced you are, you will have five different Love Blocks. By Susan Bradley RN
Whenever you are upset at anyone for any reason you can bet that one of your Love Blocks was triggered.

1. Fear of Abandonment.
2. Fear of Commitment
3. Fear of being Dominated or Controlled.
4. Fear of being Rejected/Not Accepted
5. Fear of being Hurt Again

You have love blocks if you can answer yes to any of the following questions.

A. You are over 38 and have never been married.
B. You are shy.
C. You haven't been in a relationship in over 18 mos.
D. You bicker with your partner over lots of little things and never seem to get the real issue resolved.
E. There are power struggles in your relationship.
F. You are fighting about moneyor money is an issue in your relationship.
G. Your feelings get hurt or you are disappointed by your partner frequently.

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  1. Simple and to the point about love blocks. definitely caught my attention.
    Love your blogs.