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Dating Online: Tips for Men’s Emails to Women Online

Dating Online: Tips for Men’s Emails to Women OnlineMany dating online tips can be found around the subject of making contact for the first time, but you’ll rarely find advice on what to say in an email if you’re a man on the journey of finding a soulmate. But there are some very simple tips to make sure your email has the power it is intended to; follow them and your emails will end up hitting the mark every time.
Dating Online: Tips for Better Communication
Be Polite and Be Sweet
Needless to say, an email effusive with affectionate words makes it sound like you say that to everyone. One too many ‘darling’s or ‘honey’s could do you more damage than good. Be courteous, as would any man; be aware of and sensitive to the natural male tendency to dominate the situation. It’s not about YOU; it’s only about you. But don’t be afraid to sound affectionate, either. You do want her to feel special, so be charming by all means. In short, say all the things your mother consider “proper” - but without ‘oversaying’ them.
Make it Personal
An email is a person piece of communication and can’t be full of copy-paste phrases, as much as it makes it more convenient. Put yourself into the email.  Finding a soulmate – if that’s your objective – isn’t going to be easy if you can’t express yourself in writing. Is your writing really bad? No problem – just have someone proofread it for you before you hit ‘send’. The care that you put into the email will convey itself to the reader of the said email. And of course, speaking of personalization: if you’re revealing your thoughts to an electronic entity like an ‘Inbox’, do make sure you’re sending it to the right person.
Ask to Connect Deeper
Confusing as this tip may sound, you need to make the move to get to the next level of communication – verbal. In other words, you need a phone number, so don’t be afraid to ask. However, try not to sound like a potential stalker in your very first email. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with asking on the first email, but only if you can put it across as a casual request, or even with an offer of your number. Whether you’re out finding a girlfriend or finding a soulmate, you can’t connect until you meet face to face, so all of this is the ‘building up toward’ phase.
Finding a girlfriend shouldn't be hard if you send out the right signals through whatever communication means you have at your disposal. With emails it is easy to be misunderstood so choose your words carefully, be enthusiastic about yourself and what you do, be interested in her activities without being inquisitive – all of these things will come through in an email. But above all, be genuinely friendly. If you’re serious about finding a soulmate, first find a friend.

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