Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dating Online: Tips for Background Checks using Facebook

When you’re dating online, tips of any kind can prove invaluable. One of the most important of these is what to look for when you’re doing a background checkon a potential date through Facebook. Employers use this technique all the time to assess the potential of a candidate applying for a position – so why not you? After all, this is one of the most important positions you’ll even have a vacancy for in your life – your soul mate!
Dating Online: Tips to Check the Facebook Factor
Step 1: The Profile Photo
The first thing you’ll probably see on Facebook anyway is the guy or girl’s profile photo. This carries a very high “first impression value”. A woman who wants to be attractive to men, for example, is going to use her best photograph for her profile – and probably keep changing it quite often to highlight her best features. A man may not bother too much unless he’s ‘on the hunt’. This is the first step. 
Step 2: The Attitude
The next step is to check how they communicate on Facebook. Are they rude and audacious with their comments; are they exhibitionists who constantly crave ‘likes’ and ‘shares’; are they respectful in the language they use? These are very important questions. As a woman, if you want to be attractive to men, you need to be aware of these nuances of communication. Otherwise, you’ll end up with someone of a completely different wavelength and have a tough time of making the relationship work.
Step 3: The Character
When you’re happy with what you see so far, the next step will be a much deeper analysis of their personality. If you’re thinking ‘I need to find me a boyfriend who has varied tastes, or ‘I want a girlfriend who loves rock and roll music’, then study their check-ins to see who they’re following on social media, what their online tastes and preferences are and useful information like that. The more you know about a person online, the better your first meeting will be.
Step 4: The Friend
The final step in this process is to check out their friends. After all, you will be a ‘friend of a friend’, so you may meet some of those people on your dates with your potential love. Be comfortable with their friends so you know what’s in store. As they say: “Birds of a feather flock together”, so make sure you’re comfortable with being among that flock of feathers. But don’t judge them by the company they keep; just use it as a guideline to show you who they hang out with and where their loyalties may lie.
When you’re dating online, tips like these can often be the only thing that allows you to be prepared for the first date. Know your date and you’re experience will be all the more engaged. Facebook is like a window to the soul, so use it to see whether you want to let the air in, or shut it and protect yourself from the cold.

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