Saturday, June 16, 2012

4 Steps to Help Heal a Broken Heart 

 How do I find true love? If the answer for this particular question is hard to look for, it becomes even harder when the person looking for it have been heartbroken.
In finding a soulmate, heartbreaks come normally. It may even be frequent as no commitment has been made yet.

There is nothing more painful than heartbreaks. It brings the kind of emotional pain that can go so deep you can compare it to the ones you get from physical blows. All we wanted to happen when we go through heartbreaks is to wish for that pain to disappear.

How do I find true love if I’m all shattered and hopeless? Sadly, there’s no such thing as band aid for your shattered heart. It may sound a bit cliché but time seems to be the only cure for emotional pains caused by heartbreaks. Everything will get better through time, even the deep painful hurt from getting your heart broken.

However, to be able to achieve this, you may need to temporarily stop your quest in finding a soulmate. You may need to take a rest from dating. For whatever it’s worth, here are some ways you can actually alleviate the pain:

1. Cry

At the beginning, you will feel insignificant or useless and whether or not you’re an emotional person, you will feel the need to cry. Questions like how do I find true love may even start to cross your mind many times than expected and may make you feel even more depressed. In times like this, all you can do is let yourself do some crying. A life-changing event happened. It’s not a simple thing you can just brush off from your life in an instant. Give yourself time to grieve but just enough that you don’t linger in your past as it will only cause pain.

2. Talk to people close to you

Have an outlet. By sharing the pain you feel with someone you are comfortable with will enable you to feel a little better. Ask them the questions you have been asking yourself like how can I find love when I feel like there’s no hope? Take comfort from having someone around for you. Spend your time catching up with your friends.

3. Welcome distractions

Maybe you had the kind of relationship that took you away from every opportunity to spend some time with yourself or your loved ones. So let them into your life again. Let their support shower over you. This is actually another way that answers your question of how can I find love. Find love through those people important to you.

You may also opt to spend some time in the gym or arrange your stuff in the closet. You may simply opt to go out your house and take a stroll. Allowing distractions into your life is one big step you can take to move on.

4. Let go of your bitter past

Move on towards your better future. After a while of giving yourself the chance to experience grief, it’s time to start moving on with your life. Start anew and now that you have gotten over the anger and sadness, let hope help you get on. Make time for the self you that you forgot existed when you were in a relationship.

How can I find love? Well try to heal your broken heart first. It is sometimes hard to follow steps like these to move on but keep in mind that they are essential for you to put the broken pieces back together. By this, you will not only be able to become complete but you may become whoever and whatever you wanted to be. This is an opportunity for you to start anew so be sure to grab it.

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