Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to be Successful in Cross Cultural Dating

A cross cultural relationship may sound interesting and cool but it is actually challenging and can become bumpy at times. Aside from the socio-economic backgrounds, where the two of you grew up; either in a small town or big city, your differences in culture really play a significant part in your relationship. Thus, cross cultural dating must be considered a time to narrow the cultural barriers. It should be regarded as something to learn all you can about the person you are dating who has a different culture from yours since the more you become familiar with your cultural differences the more you two will be able to understand each other and make your relationship grow strong and eventually stand the test of time.
Try as much as you can to narrow the cultural gap
 Respect your differences
Indeed no two people are alike even twins as the saying goes and this is all the more true in a relationship between two different cultures. Finding a soulmate actually is not only limited to the same culture. It can even be more interesting when different cultures are involved. The key is not only to know your differences but also to respect the differences of your mate as well as those people around such as family and friends.
Determine how much they are into their culture
Always bear in mind that the loyalty of your mate to his culture has also shaped his personality and beliefs, thus by knowing this you can then be able to adjust. When talking about migration for example, you also have to consider that there is really a difference between someone who migrated here as a child or who migrated as an adult.
 Learn the taboo words and actions
Different cultures have various taboo words and actions, so by making time and effort on your part to learn the taboo words and actions you will be saving yourself from getting into trouble. It is quite helpful so as not to be misinterpreted or regarded as rude.
Do your own research and observation pertaining to this matter or better yet ask your mate about it. He would be more than willing to teach you since this shows you are interested and he would be more pleased to know it.
Focus on the similarities
How can you find love and make it last forever is something that is based on how strong you and your mate focus on your similarities instead of your differences since by sharing your similarities you are both able to develop a special bond that will help avoid conflicts that may later arise as your relationship is progressing. By focusing on the things that you both have in common you will then be giving your relationship the opportunity to thrive more.
Cross cultural relationships are actually all right as long as you are willing to compromise and do your best to make it last just like in any other kind of relationship.

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